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Workshop: 26 progressions Posture clinic.

Instructor: Katite

Time and Date: SUNDAY August 24, 2014        1:30-3:00pm

Fee:         $35/ $30 early bird registration

Notes:          Deepen your knowledge and asana practice of the 26.


Yoga Sculpt With Lisa Anne Kenyon

Firm your body, tone your muscles and strengthen your mind. Yoga Sculpt will foster a healthy, active, and spiritual life style.

Lisa Anne Kenyon will guide you through this 1hr and half workshop so you can get started in our Yoga Sculpt classes.

FRIDAY September 5, 2014


$30 early bird/ $35 reg





Kids Yoga Adventure!    *****NOT HEATED!  Coming SOON!


The primary purpose of this year of workshops is to enhance the learning of yoga, working in groups to inspire creativity, have children explore their environment and learn how to control their movements in it, learning the art of storytelling, playwriting and performing.  Each child will receive an introduction to theatrical principles as well as learning the art of movement and creativity.


Instructor:        Lisa


Date: Coming Soon!

Workshop: Power Workshop


Time:       1:30-3:00



Date: Coming Soon!

Workshop: Meditation Workshop!

Instructor: TBA

Time: 1:30-3:30

Fee: $35



And many more...... Keep checking scheudle to see our upcoming workshops.